The "Sole" of French Shoe Label MadCharlotte

Behind the label, MadCharlotte, there is a woman who imagined it all. 

With a lifelong dream of creating luxury products for women, and inspired by the French lifestyle of la joie de vivre, Mademoiselle Gabriella Eva Pirisi, founded the luxury shoe label, MadCharlotte.

Living in France builds appreciation for the small things - from enjoying a buttery morning croissant, to an afternoon of lounging in an iconic Parisian garden chair catching the last rays of sunshine, and to the first call of apéritif with friends. When searching for luxury in France, it's here, it's in the quality of life, although discreet, make up la joie de vivre.

MadCharlotte is an ode to the French way of life, where luxury lies in the details, both in what you see and don't see: the composition of noble materials, the seductive scent of leathers, the lightness and comfort, the timeless designs, and the knowledge that each pair of shoes has been handcrafted by master artisans.