We believe every woman deserves the best quality and comfort, as well as the pleasure of owning a pair of beautiful shoes. To be worn everyday if she wants and not only reserved for special occasions.

MadCharlotte is certainly not the first to turn to Italy for premium quality footwear. It's well known that Italy celebrates a long tradition of being considered the home of the finest shoemakers in the world.

MadCharlotte shoes are proudly handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans in family-owned ateliers. Through the collaboration with our Italian partners, we are able to provide the most qualitative leathers and finest luxury materials with hand-made details.

Not only is this a beautiful working relationship for us, but it is also our contribution to keeping family businesses alive and to support local artisans. These artisans who meticulously construct your shoes are proud of the quality of every woven thread, noble material, and every motion of their hands. Watching the shoe making industry almost gone in France, we feel that it's important to support our Italian partners by keeping their savoir-faire alive and thriving!